Growing Up

It has been 11 days since I last posted and there really are no excuses. My online class just finished up, and life has been running pretty smoothly at a slower pace. I thoroughly enjoyed having time to myself, with Jake and just relaxing.

With that relaxing, came some wonderful news.

About a month ago I received an email from Janet, the mother of three beautiful girls I nannied while I lived in Colorado. She told me that while she and her girls, Addie and Kendall, were discussing their upcoming 9th birthday, they both told her that instead of having a party this year, they wanted to come to Iowa to see Jake and I. My face beamed and my heart glowed. I was over the hill ecstatic! I have known Addie and Kendall since they were teeny-tiny babies in my arms and have fond memories of changing their diapers, their terrible-two’s, the lost hot pink and silky all while filled with laugh out loud memories watching them grow up.

When I decided to move back to Iowa, leaving Addie, Kendall and their older sister Mackenzie was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. Thankfully despite our distance, we have been able to keep in touch over the years. So much in fact that Janet, her husband Kevin, and the girls all flew out last year to be in our wedding. Seeing how much Addie and Kendall have grown since last year was amazing. I was simply blown away to see what polite, witty  and beautiful girls they are growing up to be.

Kevin, Addie and Kendall arrived on Saturday afternoon and it was just like old times. Hugs and sharing stories were in abundance. Jake and I took the girls to Half Price Books to pick out a couple of books for their birthday presents. We then took them out to eat at Monterrey. Kevin left for his hotel and the fun, fancy-free sleepover began.

Mini red velvet cakes complete with cream cheese frosting and candles was first on the list.

We then enjoyed some friendly competition in Wii cycling. They were hilarious to watch.

We then settled in to watch Rango and eat some popcorn.

After tucking the girls in, reading them a bedtime story and saying our prayers it was just like old times. What wasn’t like old times however was waking them up. In years past, Addie and Kendall would be up before the sun and crawling into bed with me. This time around however, it took me a couple of times going into the guest bedroom to wake these sleeping beauties up. Oh my how they have grown.

We were able to get some breakfast in and headed off to church. After church, it was time to say goodbye.

My heart was sad but smiled when I came home to see this…

They had made our bed with my stuffed animals they had slept with.My heart melted all over again as seeing a made bed was just another sign of how much they are growing up.

Thanks to technology  and each girl having an iTouch we will now be able to stay in touch using Kik messaging.

Spending this time with Addie and Kendall was pure joy and certainly filled my heart with love.

I cannot thank them or their parents enough for allowing us all to stay in contact and continuing our beautiful relationships.


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