My Three Joys

A week well spent.

Well spent doing what you ask…

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Except for watching Big Brother of course.

And getting laundry done.

Oh and watching Jake receive his last radiation treatment.

And a check-up appointment with Jake’s oncologist.

Oh and going to the Iowa State Fair.

But hey, those are small potatoes compared to most weeks. 🙂

Number One:

On Wednesday I had the pleasure of watching Jake finish up his last radiology appointment. This was my second time going to the office to watch, with Jake’s 17th time.

We were able to meet with Dr. Voynov after and heard that it appears the radiation was a success and he was free and clear to be done with treatments! Whoohoo!

Number Two:

Remember when I made a goal this month to spend as much one-on-one time with Jake. Well this week was a great use of that goal as we hit up the Iowa State Fair!

First up, deep fried pyro dawg. A dill pickle spear spread with the most delicious, spicy cream cheese and then wrapped with prosciutto ham and battered up and fried. YUM!

Then a little stop to see Jake’s art work being displayed. So proud that he was one of the 20% that made their photo entries into the fair.

After looking at all the photographs, Jake and I decided to try out the corn brat. A bratwurst corndog. Trust us when we tell you it sounds better than it tastes. It wasn’t terrible, but just lacked a lot of flavor. I may need to replicate these at home using some yummy bratwursts from Gateway Market.

And what is the fair without some fun and cute little pictures.

When discussing what we should try for sweet treats at the fair, we just couldn’t resist the fried snickers. I remember having this two years ago, but didn’t recall having it last year. (Which we totally did. And I didn’t care for it last year! Hand to the forehead!) Well, just like last year, it wasn’t our favorite. I think this year was the last time we will get this item and move on to the next sweet treat… maybe the fried Twinkie?

Jake has been hitting up the pork chop on a stick vendor for several years now with last year being my first. But this year Jake and I were super disappointed with our pork chop. It just wasn’t as juicy, tough and just didn’t seem to have the flavor it did last year.  Bummer for sure.

And last but not least, what is a state fair without mini donuts. Jake just loves this picture where he got me mouth full of those little pieces of heaven.

Other treats we ate but didn’t picture; the original pyro dawg, cheese curds and delicious root beer. I love that Jake and I were able to split everything to be able to fit more in our bellies.

Number Three:

Saturday morning my friend Mandy and I had a little impromptu garage sale shopping trip down to Indianola. As I was looking at Craigslist to see if there were any fun Estate Sales Jake and I could check out later that day, I happened upon a listing for a garage sale that two college girls were having. They were getting rid of a ton of super nice and brand name clothing, shoes and purses that I just had to check out. Mandy and I had lunch plans already, so she just swung by a little bit earlier and we headed down.

I have to say that our little trip down south was well worth it. I paid $11 for a pair of shoes, boots, a down vest, and a couple of nice tops. I just love a good thrift sale! Mandy got away with some great clothing items and books as well. After our fun finds, we stopped and had lunch at Palmer’s Deli- a huge favorite of mine! It truly was a great Saturday morning to catch up with my good friend Mandy!

Well, time for Jake and I to head out for dinner party for some visitors from Tanzania! Have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “My Three Joys

    • We got it at the same place. I know! We got them there last year and they were fantastic. I think the one we had was cooked a lot earlier in the day… super bummed for sure.

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