Kindergarten Musings

Last semester I had the pleasure of observing Mrs. Nelson’s kindergarten classroom for a few hours. This semester, I am required to partake in a 30 hour practicum for one of my classes and was lucky enough to do that in Mrs. Nelson’s classroom. Although my classes at Drake do not start until the 27th of August, I wanted to be at school on the first day to see how  she works with getting the kindies going on the structure, rules and routine of the classroom and school in general. I mean, a lot of these little kids are new to the whole concept of school and have no clue what is going on. Priceless in my eyes.

I arrived shortly before the bell rang at 8:05 am and in no time, all the new little kindies were coming in with their parents and backpacks in tow. Most of the kids seemed as happy and as excited as I was to be there! After they got settled with meeting their table mates and playing with small objects, it was time to get busy. Watching Mrs. Nelson speak with, and interact with her students was just amazing. She has been teaching for over 20 years and definitely knows her stuff.

Today the kids were at school for only 4 1/2 hours and over a few weeks will build up to the full day schedule. It was so neat to watch how engrossed they were in hearing about all the new things at school and how they all learned about hot lunch vs cold lunch, lining up, what they need to do when the lights go off, how to raise their hand for a question and the ins and outs of recess!

As I had the pleasure of being with these new kindies, a couple of funny questions came my way that I just have to share.

  • After the kids took a tour of the school, one little boy looked at me and in all seriousness asked, “Are my parents going to be in the lunchroom and eat lunch with me?” It broke my heart a little having to tell him no they would not, but he seemed fairly happy with me answering that he would be eating lunch with his new friends.

And this next question, just priceless.

  • As we were lining up for recess and hearing my little kitty heels clicking along the tile floor, one little girl looked up at me and asked “Did you bring other shoes for today, or just those ones?”. Oh if this sweet little girl only knew I have about 10 different pairs of shoes in my car at any given time. But I told her that for school, these were my shoes.

Super cute day.



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