Let’s play catch up

Confession: Sometimes I really miss writing blog posts on a somewhat regular basis. But I have come to be content with my lack of them recently.

I will be honest in that I wrestled with what I should do about keeping up with Joyful Girl while I am in school this semester. I thought about keeping up with My Three Joys and my monthly goals, but in the end, just couldn’t do it. Not out of anything other than just not having the time or energy.

Today I found myself feeling good about where my work stood and decided to take a break and play a little catch up.

I will be entering my third week of school and what a crazy two weeks it has already been. I am currently taking the following classes:

  • Language and Literacy
  • Physical Education and Wellness in Elementary Education
  • Foundations of Education (includes a 40 hour practicum)
  • Literature of Children and Youth
  • History from 1877 present (online through DMACC)

I can tell you that so far I love my classes. Being in grad school is so different from completing my undergrad for so many reasons, a few of which I will mention.

  1. What I am learning will actually benefit me in the job directly preceding school.
  2. I know exactly how much I am paying for my classes.
  3. I actually enjoy everything I am learning (including the history class).
  4. The things I have to balance now in grad school compared to my undergrad really puts things into perspective.

The first week of school I was beyond excited for my classes, but sadly I began to get sick. After a night of vomiting, sleeping and waking up with immense ear pain, I was diagnosed with an ear infection Friday. Let me tell you this has not been a walk in the park. As much as I hate to complain, I realize I have done a lot of it these past couple of weeks. The pain is at times unbearable, not to mention the annoyance of the loss of hearing in my left ear and the disorientation it leaves me with in my thinking. Thankfully my doctor experienced his first ear infection at the age of 56 and acknowledged that it was the worst pain he has ever had in his life, thus giving me hydrocodone to help ease the pain. The following Tuesday the pain still wasn’t subsiding and my doctor gave me a different prescription to try. Thankfully it has helped ease the pain, but the loss of hearing is still present. I am hopeful that my hearing will be back by the time I return for a follow-up appointment next Friday.

With having this ear infection, I have had numerous thoughts and conversations with Jake about the small amount of discomfort I had to endure compared to the months of discomfort and body changing illness he went through. His strength and positivity really put things in to perspective for me.

Despite the rough start, things are going well. I have learned the free time will be few and far between, but I am completely okay with this. I have still been able to work out (modifying a lot to accommodate my ear) to help keep me sane. My practicum has started and is absolutely perfect. I love being in the kindergarten classroom.

Last weekend Jake and I traveled to Decorah to see Jake’s best friend Shawn and his wife Heather.

We were both extremely excited to spend the day with Shawn and Heather and it was just an added bonus we did it in Decorah. I have never been to see Luther campus and it is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. Jake and Shawn visited memory lane by playing their infamous game of disc golf on Luther’s campus.

We of course then checked out the shops downtown and ate at the infamous Mabe’s pizza.

A most perfect day with good friends.

I find myself reflecting back on the amazing people I have in my life, the loving and supportive husband I married and the wonderful life opportunities I am privileged to. Life is good.

With that, I am not sure when I will be able to post again, but know that life is great and take the time to love every day no matter what it presents.

Have a wonderful week!


2 thoughts on “Let’s play catch up

  1. All I have to say is I am taking 2 Master’s classes online and I really don’t see how you are taking 5 (and with a practicum!)!!! I feel like school is all I do! Lol. You must be Superwoman!! =)

  2. Thanks Aubrey, but definitely not superwoman. I am not taking care of two kids and a sick husband which frees up a lot of time. How is Jeremy doing by the way? I hope all is progressing well.

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