I wasn’t sure where to start this blog post knowing that it has been almost two months since I posted last. I feel like there have been so many things that have happened, but on the flip side, I just keep living my life one day at a time and so it doesn’t seem like that many things have happened.

When I was younger, my dad would always  tell me that when I was older, time would just fly by. I would look at him like he was crazy and thought that there was no way where there would be a time where things moved so fast. Boy was I wrong.

School has been going extremely well and I am still enjoying every single minute. I completed my 40 practicum hours and happy to know that I can go beyond those 40 hours. I was gone for two weeks from the classroom, and I cannot express the delight and joy I felt when I walked back into the classroom and what seemed like the whole class started yelling, “Mrs. Bouma”, “Mrs. Bouma’s here” and came running up to give me a hug. It made my week. I have learned some invaluable lessons, gained a lot of hands-on experiences, and good, practical teaching skills in my time in the classroom. While working with the kindergarteners has been a joy, I am excited to be placed in some first and maybe second grade classrooms to get a feel for the age differences.

At the beginning of October, Jake and I were so blessed to participate in this year’s Light the Night walk. It was a chilly night, but wonderful. I was blown away by all of the people who  come out to support friends and loved ones who are fighting the good fight.

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened since I last posted was the fact that Jake and I were finally able to celebrate his survivor status by heading down to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. It was AMAZING. We stayed at the Barcelo Bavaro Beach Palace Deluxe and could not have asked for a more accommodating  beautiful, clean and overall wonderful resort. The resort was not only beautiful, but huge and we were able to travel between our resort and the adults only resort.

Jake and I spent six nights, seven days in this wonderland beauty of a beach. I made the decision prior to our trip to go sans internet service and just enjoy the simple life. It was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. Jake took a ton of photos on our camera, but these are the ones we captured with his iPhone.

The gorgeous beachfront.

Early one morning I took a walk and enjoyed the quite and peacefulness of the beach.

Just the obligatory couples photo. 🙂

On the Sunday morning that we were there, Jake and I went on a dune buggy excursion.

It was a blast! We got to enjoy the countryside and go over to the Caribbean Sea. The view was spectacular. Blue skies and crystal clear water.

After visiting the Caribbean Sea, there were a couple of downpours that made the dirt roads complete mud paths and our drive so much fun!

We were able to stop by a little hut in the country and learned about cocoa and coffee beans as well as cigar rolling. The scenery was breathtaking. I love all the luscious greenery and palm trees.

I would, without a doubt, take this trip again in a heartbeat. Jake and I had truly enjoyed our time together, learning about the Dominican culture, catching up on some reading and not having to worry about a single thing other than where we going to perch all day.

Not going to lie, I love us!

Now that vacation is behind us, Jake and I have been back at it with work, school, some more school and enjoying the fall weather in Iowa. Unfortunately, Jake currently has me addicted to Prison Break. Have you seen this show? I am telling you, it is awesome. Not only is Wentworth Miller gorgeous, but the plot is crazy-intense.

Jake and I are looking forward to a mini trip we have planned to Colorado over Thanksgiving to visit my mom and friends! My brother Fred is also going to be there, which is an added bonus!

Well, its time to get back to my prison break before I try to hit up an early bedtime. It was really nice taking a night off of homework and catching up! Cheers to a productive week!


8 thoughts on “Cheers!

  1. thanks for the update Libby! Great to see you and Jake enjoying life after what you two have been through wish I could just hug you both

  2. So glad to see “Joyfull Girl “back…..I love the ****smiles and ***joy you two share with us……….
    and so looking foward to seeing you in about 3 weeks………each day ,one day closer.Love you angel xo mom

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